The 2010 Uber List

December 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

As we are rapidly approaching the end of a very eventful year, it’s only appropriate to deliver what every loyal blog reader craves during the transition from one year to the next – a top 10 list.  But as I indicated, it was a very newsworthy year (the iPad launches, Facebook approaches 600M users, and Atlanta gets a white Christmas for the first time in as long as I can remember, just to name a few), so far be it from me to restrict the topic to a single dimension.  No, what I am providing here is a list of lists … my top 10 top 10 list.

Some proactive damage control:  Not all the lists are top 10, literally.  Some more, some fewer.  “Top 10” is just an expression, ok?  A short hand way of saying, ‘here’s a list of some good stuff you might want to know about’.  Second, after eyeing the categories I’ve selected, you will no doubt be chomping at the bit to inform me of the most important categories that I either inadvertently or intentionally left off.  Well, keep in mind that the subject of this blog will dictate, to some degree, the scope of what made it to my uber list, but also allow me the creative freedom that comes with these types of end-of-year posts.  And you may want to reserve judgment — hint, hint — until you’ve reviewed the final entry (list #10).  But more importantly, if you’re sitting on a tack, and just have to give me your feedback or else you’ll scream, then go ahead and post a comment – that’s what they’re for!

And third, you’ll quickly notice that I’ve curated a bunch of third-party lists, rather than construct my own.  So where’s the original thinking, you may be asking?  What’s the insightful overlay?  Well, I could have selected any list to post here (and there are many, many to choose from), but I didn’t — I selected these.  And you’ll also notice that many of the lists are based on factual data (for example, #3, the most downloaded Android Apps of All Time), not opinion.  But where opinion is warranted, such as in #1 (The Top 8 Gadgets of 2010), the list reflects my thoughts as well (or at least a very close proximity to it).  So enjoy.  Be informed.  Be inspired.  Be outraged!  But mostly, have a very happy and healthy new year.  See you in 2011.

List #1. The Top 8 Gadgets of 2010 (Impact)

List #2. The Top 40 iPhone Apps (Usefulness) 

List #3.  The Top 30 Android Apps of All Time (Downloads)

List #4.  The Most Followed Twitter Accounts (# Followers)

List #5.  The Wealthiest People in the World (Net Worth)

List #6.  The World’s Happiest Countries (Survey)

List #7.  The Top Blogs of 2010 (# Readers)

List #8.  The Top Movies of 2010 (Box Office Gross)

List #9.  The Top 40 Restaurants in the USA (I’ve only eaten at one, and if it wasn’t on my favorites list, it certainly earned a spot among the most expensive)

List #10.  The Top 10 of Everything List (According to Time Magazine)


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